Interim Management, Business Consulting, Advisory and Supervisory Boards, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Bridging Europe – North America


Vision and Strategy

Yield Increase


Our approach is professional, personal, dynamic and authentic. Our mission is integrated, aiming at the fastest possible safeguarding and stabilizing in case of crisis.

Roger D. Blackwell’s “Do not market a bad product“ is a guiding theme for the intensely sales-dedicated owner Rudolf Menningen.

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Interim Management

In addition to more and more demanding markets, today’s Managements face an increasing lack of qualified personnel to meet daily challenges.

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Business Consulting

We are no „traditional consultants“ – we are Managers who take action, change and move forward.

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Advisory and Supervisory Boards

Especially following active involvement in a company, we appreciate to take over advisory or supervisory board membership with the clear mission „supervision & advice“.

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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

At option, we greatly support change processes in the shareholder or company portfolio, taking advantage our international network.

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Bridging Europe – North America

For the great number of European companies seeking business potentials in North America, we help bridging to the United States and Canada.

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A worldwide network, consisting of Management Consultants, diverse Specialists including HR, Sales and Marketing Experts, Insurance, Legal and Tax Professionals etc. allow us for immediate, efficient and effective help. It is an important part of our integrated approach!


With respect to our confidentiality we kindly ask you to individually contact us in this respect.